by Arup Das - Wednesday, 18 November 2020, 4:01 PM

Understanding Computers 

A1. describe the functions of different types of hardware components, and assess the hardware needs of users; 

A2. describe the different types of software products, and assess the software needs of users; 

A3. use the basic functions of an operating system correctly; 

A4. demonstrate an understanding of home computer networking concepts; 

A5. explain the importance of software updates and system maintenance to manage the performance and increase the security of a computer. 

Introduction to Programming 

B1. describe fundamental programming concepts and constructs; 

B2. plan and write simple programs using fundamental programming concepts; 

B3. apply basic code maintenance techniques when writing programs. 

Computers and Society 

C1. describe key aspects of the impact of computers and related technologies on society; 

C2. describe computer use policies that promote environmental stewardship and sustainability; 

C3. describe legal and ethical issues related to the use of computing devices; 

C4. describe postsecondary education and career prospects related to computer studies